London Foodie A-Z: G = Greece

Doing a recce for a walking tour in the King’s Cross area, I stumbled across a wonderful street food market in Granary Square and decided they had the perfect food truck for the next letter on my Foodie A-Z – G for Greece and The Grilling Greek.

KERB King's Cross

KERB King’s Cross

The street food market is operated by KERB, who launched their innovative and tasty business in King’s Cross in 2012, and now operate in various locations across London, as well as providing catering to events and functions. KERB’s philosophy encompasses four key elements; amazing food, talented people, professional practices, and transforming city spaces.

And The Grilling Greek fits the bill perfectly as one of their traders. They were the first food truck to start offering Greek food in London, and they’ve been cooking up their family recipes since 2013.

The Grilling Greek

The Grilling Greek

The Grilling Greek’s blue and white food truck stood out amongst the other street food traders, who were serving an array of cuisines – Italian pizza, Vietnamese noodles, Jerk chicken, Taiwanese rice bowls. But it was the temptation of a Greek souvlaki, and the letter of the alphabet, that swayed me.

The menu consists of simple freshly cooked Greek food that really does remind you of holiday evenings lazing in local tavernas, minus the ouzo. No alcohol here, as this is all about delicious street food for a quick and tasty lunch, where you can choose from a chicken, pork or halloumi souvlaki served in a handmade pita with tomato, red onion and ‘Mama’s’ tzatziki. You can get side orders of chips and Greek salads, but the souvlaki’s looked pretty generous so I opted for just the chicken souvlaki.

20190411_121754The guys on the food truck were friendly, but confused me by asking if I wanted it to take away or eat in??? I mean, it’s a food truck……outdoors???? Clearly this was street food code (not something I’m overly familiar with to be honest), as they laughingly clarified by asking whether I wanted the souvlaki fully wrapped (to take away / back to the office) or half-wrapped (to eat in / now).

They did have a blue metal table and two chairs just by the truck, but there are plenty of places to sit in Granary Square and along the nearby Regent’s Canal, and it was a sunny day so I took my souvlaki and found a spot near the water feature known as 1,000 Squirts.

Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki


The souvlaki was good, really good. The pita was soft and warm, the chicken moist and the tzatziki sauce just oozed out (I even managed to drip some down my front!). Delicious and filling, as I sat in the sun I could almost have been in Greece (if I’d closed my eyes and ignored the noise and bustle of local office workers and the students from Central St Martins art and design college). And at only £6, it was great value for money too.





You’ll find The Grilling Greek at KERB King’s Cross, which operates Wednesday to Friday weekly, or at one of the other KERB locations. Traders change location from day to day, so check the website ( to see where they’re going to be.

As for me, I’ll be visiting KERB and The Grilling Greek again, and plan to try another of their street food traders – although it’s a little while until I get to V for Vietnam!

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